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10 Dec 2012 - Molly
I like it when the teacher says we can go on your website

3 Dec 2012 - Jodie
I like the fact that we can learn about France

31 May 2012 - bethany
this a good way of teaching young pupils to learn different modern foreign languages

9 Mar 2011 - Jordan
hi it doesnt let me log in i cant wait to get going on this super website and play some games

26 Jan 2010 - katie
i have found the website helpful in a way my graids have improved. thank you for doing the website.

29 May 2009 - Sam
its so fun

1 Apr 2009 - kelly lewis
I found that the zut games are very fun and they help you to learn more about french

1 Apr 2009 - Tanya
I think that the games are fun and they help my french skills

8 Mar 2009 - Pauline
The Junior Beginner powerpoints are good

10 Dec 2008 - mimi
At my school we did this game first we had to build our teacher and then answer 15 qesteuns and if you get all of them wright then your teacher goes and gets powershooted .

3 Dec 2008 - emma
what an ace web page

25 Oct 2008 - Amanda
A very interesting site full of useful resources for the class. The PowerPoints are simply fantastic. Definitely one of the best sites I have ever came across; one of my favourites too ... and a favourite among my students too! Thanks a lot. Keep up the very good work ! Amanda

22 Sep 2008 - Rebecca
I think this website is brilliant

5 Feb 2008 - Aurelli
This site is very good

20 Dec 2007 - john
it is really fun!

10 Sep 2007 - Jessica
What fantastic resources! Thank you for your hard work!

15 Jul 2007 - Joss
Am a non specialist teaching mfl French as part of the curriculum in mainstream primary school (KS2) Have just found your site - very impressed.

27 Mar 2007 - zoe
good website...

22 Mar 2007 - angela
found the page very useful and helpful! good quality powerpoint and good technique of language